October 4, 2021

I have all three portraits for the members of Roserade complete. This site is going to temporarily be put on hold while I focus on other responsibilities of life, but a character page will be made. I might consider making seperate square avatar drawings for the three members. All of this will make sense when the characters page is created and published on this site. Stay tuned for more!

October 3, 2021

The characters page is in the makings. As of now, I have to make artwork for all three members of the "Roserade" Organization. I don't really have a plan how I will go about this, but I have a feeling the character page will be divided based on organizations. Clicking on any of these organizations could lead you to another page that lists all of the characters that are members of aformentioned organization. Clicking on any of the characters will then bring you to their bio page.

I can't wait when I'm done with this, as I can start writing stories with my characters!

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